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MONOGRAPH M1 - Holger Dülken, Germany

MONOGRAPH M1 - Holger Dülken, Germany

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    Photo book M1 - The journey a projection
    from the series of monographs
      by Holger Dülken

    pinhole photography  in black and white
      Portrait and nude photography

    Book format 20x25 cm
    Softcover 300g/m2 grammage, matt
    170g/m2 grammage

    48 pages
    Multilingual: German, English
    ISBN 978-3-96997-007-2

    Photographer: Holger Dülken
    Selection, layout, design: Nadine Kante
    Lyrical image associations: Andreas Neu

    The journey a projection
    Heartfelt  Welcome to the eighth  Volume of a series that
    shows the photographic work of Holger Dülken over the past few years.

    Mahamaya is a word of spirituality from Sanskrit, the sacred language of India. It means "great deception/illusion". Maya is the power of illusion and means "big, great". In the Shakti, Mahamaya is the one who creates the illusion for us.
    Is everything illusion, everything deception? We see images that each person perceives differently. So what is reality now?  and where does the picture only fool us into showing reality? In Holger Dülken's black and white photography, a lot disappears in the shadows, is reality to be found there? Do we see the soul in these pictures?
    You see what you see - because seeing is deceptive.

    Holger Dülken's series of monographs from the cycle "Lochbildfotografie" shows a modern visual language with technical borrowings from the historical times of the camera obscura. A unique pictorial language takes us on a journey into the photographer's emotional world of the author and shows us the expressiveness of artistic photography, contrary to technical advances.
    Through the black and white photography in the style of the perforated image technique, the soul crystallizes out in the pictures in a very special way - the essence is preserved, the insignificant disappears in the shadows and in the blur.

    Holger Dülken has his own unmistakable black and white photographic signature.

    The series is accompanied by texts and thoughts by Andreas Neu, a Berlin author, director and dramaturge, who, through his associations, makes a very personal reflection on the images.

    Holger Dülken:
      site  Instagram

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